Our Team

Tracy Fischer (President)

Headshot - Tracy FischerTracy is very passionate about transforming the landscape of customer experience in the Canadian Telecom industry! With her 18+ year background in Corporate Sales and Sales Management she has been able to bring a refreshed lens to the traditional sales elements of the telecommunications industry. More recently, in her role over the past 4 years as Operations Officer for Fibernetics CLEC, Tracy has been able to integrate and streamline the operations of the largest CLEC in the Canadian Telecommunications industry by leveraging the capabilities and features of Salesforce. Her vision to transform the customer experience by reducing effort has not only driven growth in sales, but also changed the way agents perform for the customer.  By leveraging workflows the service delivery experience both internally and externally is notable.  This passion to make a difference, and do the telecom business differently, was sparked by the vision and ability to work within the Salesforce environment, ultimately transforming the landscape of the Canadian telecommunications industry.  Tracy is all about planning for outcome, and making things happen!  The passion to help other Salesforce customers turn the vision into reality is what has sparked the need and the desire to bring Mango Force to life.