When most people think of a conference, an event like Dreamforce is not what comes to mind. Dreamforce is Salesforce’s annual user conference and also the largest cloud computing conference in the world. The four day event will see over 100,000 guests from around the world descend on the streets of San Francisco. The week will be packed with over 1400 breakout sessions, several different keynotes, a massive cloud computing expo, and even a free Bruno Mars conference.

Dreamforce is an amazing event to not only learn more about the Salesforce platform, but also to network and check out great apps that integrate with Salesforce in the cloud expo. Each year we go to Dreamforce we continually bring back our “to do” list of amazing ideas to work on over the year leading up to the next conference. Dreamforce may happen in the same place every year, but at the rate the Salesforce platform grows and evolves through their release cycle and acquisitions, you’ll never go to a Dreamforce event and feel like you’ve “already done this last year“.

Mango Force will have some of our team at this year’s Dreamforce, and we hope to have a chance to meet you and see how we can help with your current, or future planned, Salesforce integration!